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Adrien Field- Let’s find out what he keeps in his ‘man bag.’


adrien-field-1We read with intrigue this morning as we found out what our dear friend Adrien Field likes to keep in his as ‘Guest of a Guest’ like to term it- he’s ‘man bag.’ That said here is a recap of what Adrien likes to keep (yes- just in case you were wondering too) and the few extra things we thought we’d like to see him carry. Oh- summer bliss!


First in Adrien’s ‘man bag’ comes his sunglasses- (for now Ray Bans ), rosebud lip salve (yes Adrien we are sure your lips are getting awfully chaffed this summer- lucky you..!), I – phone (as Adrien rightly explains no explanation there), coach planner because our Adrien is so old fashioned, fragrance (take note kids- Adrien likes to spritz himself every few hours- shouldn’t you too?), tide to go (because stains can happen anywhere- but really Adrien what type of stains are we really talking about..?), blotter pads and make up(well of course as we all know Adrien has to look better than you when the camera is finally flashed his way!)

A couple of other things we’d suggest- Adrien may we suggest a well respected book on the etiquette of manners for gentlemen, that way you can always offer some desperate fool guidance at the moment of their need.

We also suggest a few well used books- Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” J.D Salinger’s “Cathcher in the Rye,” and for those rainy days Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” that way you can thank yourself for being so liberated and clever.

Lastly Adrien, may we suggest you carry a portable camera that way if the camera man’s camera ever goes bust you will have yours in the offing, but then again last time we were out with you, you  had one in your ‘man bag.’

Oh dear what’s a gentleman to do..?

Anatomy Of A Man Bag…Inside Adrien Field’s Most Loved Accessory



  1. I love Adrien and of course love you Scallywag! Why not call it a Murse? Does that sound too fem and is there really a big difference?

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