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South Korean man televises his death via twitter.


Dying is now becoming a world wide televised sport.

Sunday evening, Lee Kye-Hwa, 27, of South Korea took the added measure before he hung himself to announce to the world his intentions- which needless to say- proved very effective. The UK Telegraph explains.

The UK Telegraph

Police found the body of Lee Kye-Hwa, 27, a former disc jockey in a Seoul bar, hanging from a ferry dock on the Han river in Seoul early on Tuesday.

His family reported him missing on Sunday when he posted a short Twitter message in Korean.

For those in doubt in moments of death, one can now be re assured that in some way you will not be dying alone and that the world will be there to the very last micro tweet before you pull that noose or load your shot gun.

It said some of his Twitter followers had tried in vain to trace his whereabouts after reading the suicide message.

News of Lee’s death was spreading fast through Twitter on Wednesday as his former followers expressed condolences, shock and regret. “I wish he may rest in peace in Heaven, my heart is deeply hurt,” one wrote.

They needn’t worry, Lee died with the whole by his side.

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