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Ugly Betty is Starting to Look Really Ugly.


ugly_betty“Ugly Betty”, the show that focuses on an ugly new assistant at Mode magazine and the shenanigans she gets herself into, is starting to literally look very ugly. The show that was once a cultural phenomenon that swept the trophies at award season and garnered so many magazine covers and parodies is now no more than a run-of-the-mill TV show that seems to have overstayed it’s welcome.

It was reported by Nielsen ratings that “Ugly Betty” drew a mere 3.3 million viewers for one of their recent episodes. The numbers were even beat by a rerun episode of The Jay Leno Show, which is pretty damn sad— I mean people preferred stale jokes over a spanking new episode with the story and plot of Ugly Betty. If the year of 2006, where “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Ugly Betty” gave us an “exclusive look” into the inner workings of a fashion magazine, in the year of 2009, we are so over and above that. After all, with Anna Wintour herself opening up a crack of the closed doors of Vogue in “The September Issue,” we know what goes down and we don’t need the fake drama and cliché characters flailing all over the place, darling.

In the present day, all we want to fawn over and see is beautiful people being torn down from their high and almighty thrones. It’s totally a thing of the past to want to see an ugly duckling slowly becoming more successful at what she does.

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