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Jon Gosselin no longer wanted by Reality Tv.


jon-gosselin-match-comDropped and made an example of.


Jon Gosselin has apparently fallen out of favor with TLC executives who had been until now been putting up with his misbehavior?

In a sign that common sense and retribution exist in America the producers decided to cut Jon from the ‘Jon and Kate plus 8,’ making the show which miraculously enters its 5 th season simply- ‘Kate plus 8.’ (hmmm….)

For a while it made sense to have Jon disgrace himself, his embittered soon to be wife and even executives because there was simply too much money flying around and since everyone likes money Jon was allowed to continue misbehaving and become a misogynist and playboy.

But once the ratings came off and the money stopped flowing like a gushing oil well, the producers decided enough was enough and decided to bring Jon back to reality. (oops…)

In any event we think Jon will do fine and even if he is a public nuisance the only people who should really watch out for him are vulnerable TV audiences and young girls who have unresolved daddy complexes.

The moral of the story- you can always be famous in America as long as you have strong ratings…

Jon Gosselin Dropped from Jon & Kate Plus 8

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