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Miley Cyrus- Teenage Tart of the Weekend.



When cow boots just don’t work out…



A random afternoon surfing the web had us on junk website X17 which seems to specialize in the documentation of vacuous lives for vacuous people where we came across an image of vacuous self over flagellating individual Miley Cyrus.

Frankly we don’t care about Cyrus but we heard she’s the daughter of some country star who happened to get half naked when she was 15 for an impromptu celebrity and fame cover shoot. Still a teenager we were intrigued to find Miley sashaying somewhere in LA with what appears to be a retro hat (the same type that Mafia hit men used to wear in the 1970’s) a pair of white cut off shorts which frankly do her no justice and reinforce the idea girlfriend needs to get back on the exercise saddle and those insidious cow boots that one is prone to wear only as a sartorial faux pas not as the real thing.

In any event we think Miley we’d like to nominate you as our weekend teenage tart of the weekend.

When editors of said progressive magazines become mean and pick on up and coming junior celebrities and their skimpy outfits…

Miley Cyrus in a Phonebe Price Original!

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  • Anonymous

    “reinforce the idea girlfriend needs to get back on the exercise saddle” What the hell are you talking about… she looks bloody fab!

  • bella

    hate the boots

  • That’s because she’s a tart Cyrano. Just look at those cow boots!!

  • Cyrano

    I’d fuck her.