Home Scandal and Gossip Lady Gaga vomited on at SWSX show. She loved it too.

Lady Gaga vomited on at SWSX show. She loved it too.

Lady Gaga vomited on
Artistic expression or just a new low?

A new found artistic expression or just a new base low? These are the questions fans and media pundits are asking after Lady Gaga was vomited on during her recent SWSX showing.

The green goo that came to be hurled on Lady Gaga came during a purposefully orchestrated maneuver during the playing of her song swine (could she have chosen a more apt song?) as fellow performer Millie Brown (who specializes in such creative tasks) stuck her fingers down her throat and hurled green gunk all over Lady Gaga’s chest.

Not too fear, Lady Gaga smiled a delicious smile and continued on with her show, knowing full well that the media would be on to this shit the way a pig is into mud baths as she grunged onstage in her trademark fishnet stockings and vamp look.

Needless to say the performance has led to a flurry of comments on the web, some exulting the pop diva for her ‘bravery’ whilst many lashing her with relish. Others went on the web and wondered if it was all part of Lady Gaga’s anti bulimia crusade, a theme she has had personal demons with in the past.

Nevertheless most money in the house was simply wondering what Miley Cyrus will come up with to trump this shit?

Lady Gaga vomited on

Contemplated some on the web: I detest pretentious people. She’s an empress with no clothes.

 Desperate. Disgusting. Demented.


A seriously new low. I bet Madonna is kicking herself for not thinking Vomit in the first place. Disgusting!!!!


There goes Myley Cyrus! Give them enough slack, and they’ll eventually hang themselves.


Shes just getting desperate for attention. Shes losing fans to other “stars” like Miley Cyrus and
Selena Gomez..


This is one disgusting piece of trash.