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The world still refuses to accept Lady Gaga’s weight gain. Now confesses to bulimia

Lady Gaga in concert recently in Holland where she was visibly fuller.


Lady Gaga in concert recently in Holland where she was visibly fuller.

Lady Gaga defies critics of her weight gain by strutting in new skimpy outfit. Leave it or take it!

Looks like Lady Gaga has put on some extra weight.

Since it was recently revealed that Lady Gaga has put on 25 pounds (courtesy of her fondness of her father’s cooking) the media world has been rampant with speculation as to when Lady Gaga will knock it all off and go back to being super svelte as we had all gotten used to seeing and preferring her. To which Lady Gaga has in a round about way answered ‘when I damn well feel like it but why is it any of your business anyway. I feel happy and why should I have to be a size zero to be judged beautiful. Society is sick.’ Well something very close to that effect.

Normally one would just sweep this under the carpet and let it all be, but this is Lady Gaga, the token celebrity who has chosen not only to let her music define her but also her physical image (and vice versa). For the longest time we’ve been watching the Queen of Pop deliver us nonchalance, kitsch, drama, hyperbole, drama, blood stains, role reversal and anything that she thinks that will shock us. Is it any surprise that this time she has legitimately shocked the media world not so much because of some costume she is wearing but what actually exists underneath the costume or to put it sweetly who really exists behind the veneer of antics and tricks and slabs of meat.

Then of course we all have to remember that in this society that we live in a woman’s value (as much as a man’s value we are told is conditional on his material successes and accomplishments) is directly correlated to her appearances and of course by extension that means her weight. In some weird way by putting on all this weight Lady Gaga is asking her fans to put aside all the gimmicks and expectations and just adore and love her the singer for who she real is. And we might just would except for the fact we have been conditioned by magazines, cultural taboos/expectations and even Lady Gaga herself (but one supposes she’s too big of a pop star to even care anymore) to only supposedly adore our celebrities and role models as long as they approximated some sort of preferred physical yardstick.

Then there’s the underlying message in all of this: one is not allowed to be anything but perfect. Especially all you women. You will never deserve the love of a man, your friends, yourself unless you approximate perfection. And god forbid there is the slightest sign of imperfection then you will be required to quickly run a million miles to redeem yourself, to quickly get rid of those extra pounds, to revert to the perfect image, existence of yourself that never even existed in the first place save for your imagination.

Lady Gaga as a 15 year old, via littlemonsters

Never mind what all this fear mongering does to young women, women who feel obsessed to curtail fluctuating weight gains, women who begin to hate themselves (go here to Lady Gaga’s micro blog which accounts her battles with bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15 as well as that of various commentators, writes Lady Gaga: But today I join the BODY REVOLUTION. To Inspire Bravery and BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION) because they don’t look like the size zero models on the fashion pages and who begin to wonder if the world will ever accept them because their bodies can not be forced to behave in a way that is only achievable in a small percentage of men and women anyway.

From the micro blog itself: I can’t stop crying. Gaga i’m battling the same thing right now; you met me in Sydnney the first thing you said to me was ” Oh my God you’re so skinny” And from then on i’ve been trying to recover so much but it’s been killing me, i’ve been relapsing a lot lately and all i do iscry about my body and i feel like i wish i never did recover but this. looking at this is making me strong. You inspire me. If you can be strong, i can too. Thankyou for helping me. TYhankyou for everything.

All men and women gain and lose weight for various reasons, it’s the cycle of life and it’s perhaps a wise idea that we as a society get used to this and stop believing neurotic tabloid editors who think otherwise. All one has to remember is moderation and a healthy rational state of mind and one can embrace themselves without ever having to run to the bathroom and purge that part of themselves that society for whatever reason refuses to accept. Then again why care why pay attention to a culture that at the end of the day so often refuses to celebrate the individual but rather herd behavior?

Lady Gaga got it right, society can be mean spirited and cruel but it is up to us to find common sense, balance and self acceptance and support amongst those individuals who are brave enough to embrace us and acknowledge ones value isn’t contingent on whether they look like a mirage in some photograph….

Whether you believe it or not kids,Lady Gaga will continue to sound amazing, twenty pounds heavier or twenty pounds lighter so get used to it and yourselves….

Writes Lady Gaga in her blog: “Hey Guys its Gaga… Now that the body revolution has begun, be brave and post a photo of you that celebrates your triumph over insecurities.”



  1. Like I said, it’s not hard to eat healthy and exercise. If you can’t do this, then you are not an effective person and not a good choice to be a wife and mother.

    i choose not to date alcoholics, heroin addicts, cigarette smokers, or overweight people. To me they are all the same thing — weak addicts.

  2. To begin, I am not a (real) Gaga fan;however, I do differ on the “thoughts” (johnathan blaze) you have shared.
    I don’t know anywhere that outlines that we up-hold a responsibility to stay in good shape to be “physically pleasing” towards the opposite gender??? Yes, we are to take care of ourselves in every way and that means mentally, emotionally, etc….
    To “suggest” that “Physicality” is #1 only continues to support WHY so many relationships DON’T last, as there can be nothing built on the “Superficial”! It Won’t last and be meaningful. How can it, if (a Gal) has to always be “focused” on what she’s eating,.. No wonder why we have even 5-6 year old’s talking about dieting as there is such a distorted way that we (especially as Females) have been “socialized” (by thoughts such as one’s like you’ve posted) to look at ourselves in t way that has blinded us from the truth! This is why there are so many with eating disorders…and the numbers continue to grow (and No! there was no pun intended) When one is faced with an eating disorder…it is a true battle to over-come and some don’t make it though.

    There is nothing wrong with the way Gaga looks now…just because she may not feed some sick fantasy … well that is not her issue…that would be “yours” (the one who’s not a fan of “weight”) I’m tired of hearing so many of my “sisters” (and my 17 year old daughter too) putting themselves down because they “don’t like what they see in the mirror” when there is truly NOTHING wrong… it breaks my heart”
    In General:
    *If “lookin’ all that” floats your boat…then great but keep those standards for yourself. AND I have to agree with Morgan…”clothing ourselves in respectfully flattering manner

    We are to enjoy our lives~they are a blessing. Each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made. We need to be unconditionally loved and cared for because we are who we are~as individuals ~ regardless of dress size/pant size/etc as it has to do with what is inside that counts!

    P.S: I read somewhere this week that being called “Pretty” is a reflection of what is on the outside but “Beautiful” is the whole package!!!!!

  3. Pfft, this is a non-issue and it always was. It doesn’t matter what you look like, just clothe yourself in a flattering manner and don’t make it a big deal, because if someone calls you “fat” or whatever, it says worse about them than it does about you. Be sensible, eat healthily, be active, and be nice to people.

    On the other hand, I find her call to “breed some motherf*cking compassion” offensive and hypocritical, because, only days before this, she was photographed wearing a burka, a real fur wrap and a purse with the word “C*NT” on it in capital, sparkly letters. Where is the compassion to your fellow beings in that?

  4. We`re preferring her covering her face. Weight doesn`t matter with an ugly face like this. CaCa hapens to make Donatella Versace look young and beautiful.

  5. This is ridiculous. There is nothing admirable about “letting yourself go” and packing on pounds. This points to weakness in character. Men and women have a responsibility to stay in good shape and look good for the opposite sex. It is not hard to eat right and exercise regularly, which keeps you looking and feeling great.

    Binging on high-carb/high-fat food to escape is no worse than abusing drugs. It is not to be celebrated.

    No Lady Gaga, you weren’t born that way. You became that way when you decided to become a glutton.

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