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Lady Gaga defies critics of her weight gain by strutting in new skimpy outfit. Leave it or take it!

Lady Gaga in Zurich, Switzerland.



Lady Gaga in Zurich, Switzerland.

The world still refuses to accept Lady Gaga’s weight gain. Now confesses to bulimia

Looks like Lady Gaga has put on some extra weight.

Lady Gaga frankly doesn’t care what you think about her recent weight gain. Or does she?

Seems like Lady Gaga is in a spot of bother pursuant to media hysterics regarding her recent 25 pound weight gain who chose this time to wear quite the skimpy outfit whilst performing in Zurich, Switzerland.

In one way one could argue the singer who chose to strut around in a revealing leather g string and fishnet stockings couldn’t give a damn what the world thinks about her but then again by choosing to express herself in such a provocative guise it’s safe to bet that Lady Gaga is livid and is desperate to stick it to those who are just calling her too fat.

The flamboyant performance in Zurich comes days after the singer posted images of herself as a 15 year old where she disclosed that she had once battled bulimia and anorexia as a result of trying to approximate herself to industry preferred standards that she argues are unrealistic, defeatist and enslaving to so many women who hardly fit the mould so often portrayed by the media and in actuality lived out by so very few women.

What though does make Lady Gaga’s rebellious stance all the more dramatic is that the singer has up to now used her image to define herself and raise awareness of her brand whilst now seemingly wishing to toss it aside and argue ‘I want you to love me for the real me.’ The paradox being is that audience members may in the end may be more attracted to the drama and flamboyant image that Lady Gaga has created of herself (which is exactly what she is doing once again by even sensationalizing her look knowing full well all eyes are on her now) than the actual real person she is urging us all to accept warts and extra pounds and all.

Then again the real question may be can an audience ultimately accept a performer, an artist not because of the way they look, how they brand themselves but rather how they evoke us and force us to relate to ourselves and the world around them? It seems for now Lady Gaga has once again forced us to reconsider these notions whilst this time using her recent weight gain as her very own stage costume in the interim…



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