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How fast can Ryan Jenkins run?


ryan-jenkins-runWhen a reality star goes from ‘person of interest’ to person ‘wanted for murder.’


Oh well, one minute Ryan Jenkins is all fun and games on ‘fun’ reality show “Megan Wants a Millionaire,” and the next the show comes off the air after the world is alerted to the grisly death of his wife Jasmin Fiore (think missing fingers and teeth kids- uck!).

What compelled the photogenic and equally depraved Jenkins is anyone’s guess but paradoxically he has caused his exposure to go through the roof by being a fugitive on the run. We at least hope VH1- the sponsor of ‘Megan wants a Millionaire’ at least has the decency to make a reality show about his disappearance, hopefully while he’s still on the run.

In any event people are pissed and are calling into question why they didn’t more thoroughly screen for potential freaks like Jenkins? Our response- hasn’t it all unfortunately become more interesting? Anyway this is the type of reality you really don’t need a scriptwriter for.

When reality stars have a far scarier reality to deal with what they are willing to let on.

From “Person Of Interest” To Murder Suspect

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