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Bill Maher doesn’t need to clarify – “America is a stupid country!”


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We don’t know how we missed this one, but in any event we’re glad we finally came across it. We still haven’t stopped laughing and for that matter crying. You be the judge.


In the video below with Wolf Blitzer (admittedly a stupid name in itself- but perfect for a dog or something) Bill Maher discusses the idea in lieu of Sarah Palin stepping down from state politics that essentially America is a ‘stupid country.’


When asked to clarify himself, Bill remains steadfast in his appeals to say that his argument actually doesn’t need any clarification and a simple look out the window or for that matter the ascent of Sarah Palin should be enough.


When pushed by Wolf, Bill responds by offering his opinion that America is essentially getting ‘dumber and dumber’ by the day.


Chagrined, Wolf then assuages Bill to the idea that the country if it was so stupid wouldn’t have voted in Barack Obama, to which Bill cleverly responds- ‘Just because the country elected a bright guy doesn’t mean the country itself is bright.’


In any event we think the TV talking heads are onto something, it’s just we think we’re a little on the stupid side to actually understand what it means. Not that you yourselves understand either , right?

Bill Maher says America is a Stupid Country

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