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Top 5 Celebrities Addicted to Gambling

Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting
Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting who triumphed while nearly losing their career. Pictured Charlie Sheen.
Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting
Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting who triumphed while nearly losing their career. Pictured Charlie Sheen.

Top 5 Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting and who have survived their pastimes despite all the media attention that followed them. 

Some people love sports; others love music and many other things. However, what most people love doing is gambling. Many celebrities have found their passion for gambling, and it’s amazing how they get away with it. With today’s technology, it’s so easy to check up on anyone’s bank statements and credit card details. Of course, many people make their money in different ways, but it seems most of these celebrities make their money from sports betting. 

Who Loves Gambling Games? 

Most of us know that there are some celebrity gamblers in the world and that there are at least some people who play casino games just like celebrities. However, how many are the celebrity gamblers there, and which are the top 5 celebrity gamblers in the world? Are they really addicted to gambling? Many are gambling online; some give preference to sports betting, and there are still many who play poker. Below you will find the top 5 celebrity gamblers in the world. So keep reading to know how much they won, lost, and what games they love to play most of all.

#1 – Tom Cruise

Before Tom Cruise started making movies, he used to gamble in casinos. It was his passion, and there was no question that he had one. There are so many stories about the amount of money Tom lost in casinos. And maybe if he checked the online casino roulette review, the situation could be different. But he didn’t.

Cruise has been known to lose up to $100,000 in a few minutes and is not one to waste time if he loses. In addition, Cruise has admitted to getting into trouble after losing a lot of money. He also has so much energy to do what he wants in his life. So if he wants to gamble, he will. Tom has no problem with losing millions of dollars, and it’s sad.

In addition to Cruise gambling in casinos and Las Vegas, there are also reports of him placing bets with the World Series of Poker. Cruise isn’t just interested in casinos and poker but also in horse racing and has done some good business with online casinos as well.

Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting
Celebrities Addicted to Gambling and Sports Betting: John Travolta as he starred in the Poison Rose gambling expose.

#2 – John Travolta

In addition to gambling in casinos, there are also lots of stories about his involvement in sports gambling. In fact, John Travolta has admitted that he’s often been guilty of placing a bet on a sporting event and didn’t have a ticket. This means that the bet was just an act of entertainment, and he enjoyed the challenge.

If you ever wanted to bet on a game where you didn’t know the odds, then you should look into sports betting because it can be quite an interesting way to enjoy yourself. If you’ve ever heard the name of John Travolta, then you should know that he’s a regular user of websites where people can place bets.

John has admitted to gambling in Las Vegas, but many people have heard that he was spotted at the casinos in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. As much as he might enjoy his gambling, the authorities there can get a bit suspicious if someone is betting thousands of dollars.

#3 – Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is another man who is very passionate about betting, especially when it comes to sports betting. He’s been seen wearing a variety of different hats. He’s even been spotted as a horse race judge and punter. There are so many stories about the bad times Charlie’s had when it comes to his gambling. And this might have ruined his career. It’s quite impressive for someone to keep their career alive.

However, his passion and love for betting can be seen in the way he dresses as he’s been spotted wearing a baseball hat. Charlie could also be seen on a horse race track. So this is definitely something that drives the actor crazy. No proof is needed.

#4 – Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has also been spotted at the racing track. Grant’s horse racing is not a game for the faint-hearted. Hugh Grant has admitted to being a big gambler, and there have been reports about him losing money as much as $10,000. He’s also been to the United States, and it seems he loves taking part in the Las Vegas strip.

Hugh Grant was spotted wearing a baseball cap, and there have also been reports that he has been on the television with bets he placed in the UK. While some of these bets have worked out, others haven’t.

#5 – Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson is another man who has a love for betting. We should admit that he’s been a player and a coach. In the NBA basketball world, he’s a legend, and it’s even more amazing to learn he’s known for his gambling habit. As a coach, he’s very passionate about the NBA, and he can get very emotional. This shows that he has to gamble.

The NBA basketball world can be very exciting, and Phil was able to win a lot of money. That means that he can do anything with his money. He’s also part of the basketball world, and it was said he placed more than $150,000 in bets on that sports game. This also shows that he has the chance to lose a lot of money, and it’s really not something to make him happy.