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Top Celebrities that Had ( or still have) a Serious Gambling Addiction

Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction
Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction: Pictured, everyone's favorite bad boy Hollywood celebrity, Ben Affleck.
Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction
Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction: Pictured, everyone’s favorite bad boy Hollywood celebrity, Ben Affleck. Stock image.

Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction: Whether cause money ceases to mean anything once fame ensures recurring fortune or the thrill of the slippery slope, a look at stars who nearly lost it all.

When you’re winning way more than you can spend, money starts to have relatively low value for you. So, what happens when money is not that important anymore? Gambling becomes one of the favorite pastime activities. However, there’s a slippery slope from playing a few hands of blackjack and roulette to risk losing all the things they amassed in their carriers. We put together a list of the biggest celebrities that admitted having serious trouble with gambling.

And if these are the names that chose to come forward, you can just imagine how many more are still out there in the shadows. Especially with so many online casinos being available nowadays, there’s no telling how much celebrities lose at these venues. Tracing the transactions is even harder now that bitcoin casino is starting to be a thing in the US and all around the world.

Dana White

The UFC president didn’t make a secret out of his gambling passion. He is known for betting $50,000 per hand in blackjack, his favorite casino games. Rumour has it that some nights he ends up leaving with $5 million in one go which, obviously, makes casinos aware. As a result, he is banned from multiple casinos in the US and the prestigious Palms Casino in Las Vegas banned him for a second time around.

Tiger Woods Gambling Addiction
Top Celebrities Gambling Addiction: Tiger Woods (far left) competing at his charity poker tournament, part of the Tiger jam Festivities.

Tiger Woods

The best golf player in the world, Tiger Woods is known for his gambling passion throughout the years. One of his lovers confirmed that he was playing blackjack with $25,000 hands and got a $1 million betting limits from the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Coupled with all the talk about his affairs, this new gambling dimension brings a lot of new problems for Tiger Woods.

Ben Affleck

Another celebrity that has a liking for blackjack, Ben Affleck reportedly lost $400,000 in a hand of poker back in 2001 and that was his wake-up call. It’s not sure if he’s still gambling today, however, back in his prime he was know for the generous tips he would leave to casino employees after a good run.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

They don’t call him “Money” for nothing. The boxer which managed to get an unbelievable wealth from fights and all sort of media appearances is a big fan of sports betting. Not only that he used bet up to $400,000 for various sporting events, mainly concerning college football, but it’s also rumored that he placed a $10 million bet on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl in 2014. No matter if the rumor is true or not, those are some outstanding amounts of money that could have done a great deal of good in charities or anything else for that matter.

Michael Jordan

Not having the same success he had as a basketball player, Michael Jordan ended up in the losing bunch when it comes to gambling. The earliest tales of his gambling habits surfaced in 1993 when he admitted losing $165,000 in Atlantic City. Taking it outside the casinos or sports betting venues, Michael Jordan also likes to place spontaneous bets when playing golf with his friends Tiger Woods or Charles Barkley. He allegedly lost $1.25 million on a golf match against Richard Esquinas, a businessman from San Diego.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was always in the spotlight for his numerous vices. And since gambling goes hand in hand with alcohol and beautiful women, Charlie was a master at combining the three for absolute pleasure. He is known for his love for sports betting and his ex-wife said he was spending around $200,000 per week on gambling. The rumor has it that he even placed a sports bet on the phone while on his way to the hospital for his daughter’s birth so that has to take first place in our list of celebrities.