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5 Celebs Who Are Fans of Cryptocurrency

celebrities cryptocurrency
How Cryptocurrency became popular with celebrities. Pictured Justin Bieber who became affiliated with MoonPay.
celebrities cryptocurrency
How Cryptocurrency became popular with celebrities. Pictured Justin Bieber who became affiliated with MoonPay.

How Cryptocurrency became popular with celebrities: Beyond being paid to endorse particular bitcoin, celebs are now becoming genuine investors and using crypto as a source of additional income.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t just popular with investors and traders – they’re also popular with celebrities. Over recent years, new celebrities have popped up every month to discuss their love for crypto. Usually, this is because they’re being paid to endorse particular cryptocurrencies. However, in some cases, they have a genuine investment in them, using cryptos as a source of income outside of their usual celebrity endeavors. Here, we will discuss five celebs who are fans of cryptocurrency for all the right reasons… 

Justin Bieber 

Although Justin Bieber is mainly known for his high-charting pop songs, he’s also quite tech-savvy away from the studio. 

Back in 2021, he invested in the new crypto start-up MoonPay. It’s also rumored that Bieber has invested in various other cryptocurrencies. This shouldn’t be surprising: after all, he has a net worth of over $285 million, which means he can afford to make riskier investments when it comes to fresh cryptos on the market. 

Usually, before celebrities make crypto investments, they will consult closely with their advisors by looking closely at the current prices of crypto at OKX. This helps them to keep track of hourly, daily, and weekly price changes across the entire crypto market. 

Elon Musk 

Elon Musk is seen as an icon in the tech world. 

Almost every day, Elon is discussed in the news. Usually, this is in relation to one of his companies (Tesla or SpaceX). However, Elon is also known to make comments about cryptocurrencies on Twitter, which also help to get him in the headlines. For example, Elon has publicly tweeted his support for Dogecoin before, which is a slightly less popular cryptocurrency in the mainstream. He tweetedDogecoin is the people’s crypto.

When a huge figure like Elon Musk publicly backs a cryptocurrency, it usually leads to drastic market activity. In this instance, the value of Dogecoin quickly skyrocketed. 


Eminem is a big lover of NFTs (specifically, the ‘Bored Ape’ NFTs), so it’s hardly surprising that he also enjoys investing in cryptocurrencies. His good friend and music partner 50 Cent has investments in Bitcoin, and it’s believed that the two artists regularly consult each other regarding their investments. 

Lionel Messi 

The legendary soccer player Lionel Messi is an investor in cryptocurrencies. 

celebrities cryptocurrency
How Cryptocurrency became popular with celebrities. Pictured Lionel Messi soccer great who has fully immersed himself in crypto.

Interestingly, after joining the French club PSG back in 2021, it’s believed that part of Messi’s contract was paid in cryptocurrency – something which has never been seen in sport before. 

Moving into the future, it’s expected that this will become the norm, not just in the sports industry but in all industries around the world. Instead of being paid in traditional currency, people will instead receive their salaries in the form of crypto, which is an exciting prospect!

Scott Disick 

Scott Disick, known for being the ex-partner of Kourtney Kardashian, is a big crypto fan. 

Last year, Scott spent $57,000 in EthereumPay cryptocurrency on a piece of artwork, which garnered him a lot of media attention. 

Scott lives a luxury lifestyle, and it’s believed that a large portion of his current income is from crypto investments.