Home Scandal and Gossip Is 22 yr old Ukrainian model Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend?

Is 22 yr old Ukrainian model Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend?

Is Maria Beregova Ukraine model Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend? Images via social media.
Maria Beregova Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend
Is Maria Beregova Ukraine model Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend? Images via social media.

Is Maria Beregova Ukraine model Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend? Speculation that the duo are dating after both splitting from their respective former partners over the summer. 

Tags are wagging with speculation, mere hours after news of Hollywood titan actor —  Leonardo DiCaprio breaking up with 25 year old Argentinian model and actress Camilla Morrone, — that the 47 year ‘Lothario’ has now moved on with his latest 20 something supermodel, this time a 22 year old ingenue hailing from Ukraine.

The 47-year-old Oscar winner, who has been viciously mocked online for his propensity to stop dating women when they turn 25, (if only this author was so lucky…) was seen attempting to disguise himself as he walked ahead of his latest ‘catch of the day’, Ukrainian femme fatale, Maria Beregova.

The pair, along with DiCaprio’s friend and fellow actor Tobey Maguire were reportedly leaving a nightclub in St. Tropez in the photos, which were taken in July.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed DiCaprio and his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, had split. No reasons as to the couple’s break up were divulged. 

According to the dailymail, the Titanic star met Beregova in St. Tropez in July, with reports Beregova travelled to the glamorous holiday spot after a split of her own.

But will 3 years be enough? 

Beregova is understood to separated from her husband, Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, who runs a property and fashion empire in Monaco.

Of note, Abdelhafid, 30, is the grandson of Massoud Abdelhafid, who was Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s interior minister and ‘right hand man’. 

It remained unclear what led to Beregova and her oligarch husband divorcing, and what settlement, if any, was agreed to prior to the couple’s divorce been finalised in Monaco where the pair lived.

Beregova grew up in Switzerland, but currently lives in London where she is studying to take over her family’s pharmaceutical enterprise.

She follows the Titanic star on Instagram, but he does not follow her account back.

The Titanic actor split from his former girlfriend of four years, Daisy Jones & The Six actress Morrone ‘quietly’, earlier in summer in the US. 

Insiders close to DiCaprio told the UK’s Sun that he and Morrone had been growing apart recently.

Maria Beregova Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend
Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone break up. Hollywood actor continues trend of never dating a woman older than age 25. Image source via Reddit.

The curse of turning 25

‘Leo and Camila ended their relationship over the summer,’ a source told the tabloid. ‘There are no bad feelings between them. It just came to a natural conclusion.’

DiCaprio and Morrone began dating in 2017 when she was just 20 years old. They made their awards show debut at the 2020 Oscars.

The break-up news prompted Twitter to explode with jokes and memes about the star’s habit of pursuing women under the age of 25.

Prior to his romance with Morrone, who is 22 years his junior, the former child star turned Hollywood mogul dated other beautiful women with big age gaps, including Gisele BundchenBar RafaeliBlake Lively, supermodels, Erin Heatherton, soon followed by German supermodel Toni Garrn, Kelly Rohrbach and Danish supermodel, Nina Agdal.

Each relationship came to a seemingly abrupt end upon each woman turning 25, with the only constant being the age gap between each woman the actor was involved increasingly widening, with the biggest age gap being that of 22 years between DiCaprio and his last relationship with Argentinian supermodel, Morrone. 

If DiCaprio is indeed now dating Beregova, the age gap between the legendary actor and his newest purported love interest would have widened by an ever wider margin, this time 25 year age difference.

To date, neither Dicaprio or Beregova have publicly responded to rumors of having ‘hooked up’ over the summer or even now being a couple and the latest entrant to Dicaprio’s girlfriend posse…