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Top celebrities’ hobbies you would never guess

celebrities hobbies
Top celebrities’ strangest hobbies and past times you would never guess
celebrities hobbies
Top celebrities’ strangest hobbies and past times you would never guess. Pictured, Paris Hilton and one of her favorite past times.

Top celebrities’ strangest hobbies and past times you would never guess: From Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck & other surprises. 

Have you ever wondered what all your favorite celebrities do when they are not busy being famous? Some of them probably read, watch TV series and be just like the rest of us – although famous, they are still like the regular people. Other celebrities, including actors, singers and all others, have the strangest hobbies, passions and skills that no one would guess. Are you interested in what the rich and wealthy do with their free time?

Paris Hilton On The Hunt

You might expect that a daughter of a filthy rich businessman has a unique passion, but you would probably never expect what it is. Paris Hilton admitted that she likes to once in a while go hunting. The activity in itself might not seem so bizarre, as the aristocracy enjoyed good hunting for ages, but what makes this hobby unique is the game. Paris Hilton loves to hunt frogs. If you expected her to scream at the sight of any amphibian, you would be surprised.

In her interview with The Sun, Paris admitted that she loves to hunt frogs on her ranches located on the West Coast and a private island. If you are just about to condemn her, it needs to be said. Paris hunts the frogs, but lets them go free after. She catches them in a bucket, admires them and sets them free. Nevertheless, a remarkable hobby, indeed.   

Pigeon Pageants Of Mike Tyson

If you looked at Mike Tyson and wondered just for a second what his passion would be, what would you say? Something raw, challenging, maybe a bit brutal, like any kind of ring fighting? The truth is that Mike Tyson enjoys something much more delicate in his spare time. The former fighter enjoys pigeon racing. He attends them every year and apparently is not only a spectator. The Sun claims that Tyson had a pigeon as a kid, called Julius, and that’s how his fascination with the birds started.   

Staggering Daggers Of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has a kind heart, that’s for sure, and she’s a great actress, but she has more of the characters she played in her soul than any of us would assume. Angelina Jolie’s fans know that she is a bit eccentric and quirky in some cases, an example of which would be the fact that she wore the blood of her ex around her neck. One of the actress’s hobbies is collecting knives, specifically daggers. She said that it was her mother who started such a passion in her, and the hobby is passed down once again to her son Maddox.    

celebrities hobbies
Top celebrities’ strangest hobbies and past times you would never guess. Pictured Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck’s Card Up His Sleeve

Ben Affleck likes to play his cards, and it turns out that he’s so good at blackjack that he is now banned for life from the Hard Rock Casino in the city of casinos, Las Vegas. More specifically, he’s a band from playing at the blackjack tables. There are some reports that years back, in 2001, the actor won $800,000 at the very same game. Is he that good, or maybe there was a bit of cheating involved?

No one can blame Affleck that he likes the adrenaline of casinos, as long as it’s a fair game. We all like to win money, bet, play and feel like James Bond. Luckily for those less fortunate than Ben Affleck, there are many more available options to feel like the wealthy. Real money slots online in Canada and all around the world are wide open for every player who wishes to try their luck. All you have to do is register, get familiar with terms and conditions, choose a safe site from the ones listed on VegasSlotsOnline and have fun. In this online version, you can be sure that there will be no Ben Affleck to overmaster you.    

Who Would Want A Sweater?

Most of us would expect that celebrities have exciting passions and hobbies because they can afford to do much more than the rest of us. We are as surprised as you to find out that quite many of them like to relax while knitting. Among the sweater-making celebrities, you will find David Arquette, Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman, and Julia Roberts.