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If I’m in a bad mood, good looking and photogenic do I have permission to destroy a hotel room?


johnny_deppThe things we’d like to see as the summer drags…

It’s been a while since TMZ or gutter journal NY Post has told us about a photogenic celebrity going a –wol anddestroying their hotel room. We only became aware of the lack of violent behavior after we noticed a continual attempt by celebrities to stay clear of violent behavior and only resort to rampant drug taking (Lindsay), alcholism(Lindsay), stealing (again Lindsay), and guy swapping (that would be Paris this time…) .

Nevertheless we are hopeful that us media types will be awoken from our summer slumber as we collectively wonder what we should write about now that celebrities are now behaving less capriciously and that Michael is finally being put to rest.

Either way, we’re sure as soon as fall arrives, some good natured celebrity, not feeling his chipper self will oblige us and destroy their hotel room, smash a phone over the bell boy’s head and then diligently seek ‘mental counseling.’

The things that don’t happen as summer drags….

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  • claire

    hey there is no time for bad behavior as the we are all still grieving with the death…