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Amber Heard Johnny Depp divorce: ‘What am I doing with this fat old man?’

Amber Heard Johnny Depp divorce
Amber Heard Johnny Depp apology video underscored the couple's increasing demise.
Amber Heard Johnny Depp divorce
Amber Heard Johnny Depp recent apology video to the Australian government underscored the couple’s increasing demise.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp divorce: A source reveals that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks from day one as problem after problem piled on.

Speculation has gone into overdrive as to what may have led to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s marriage falling apart just on fifteen months with Heard filing for divorce earlier this week.

While the couple are in for a tug of war over Johnny Depp’s $400 million assets (with no prenup) after Heard filed for maintenance support while Depp counter filed to block the measure, new revelations are telling that the couple’s marriage fell apart just 3 months in after tying the knot in February of 2015.

According to a source via pagesix, Depp, 52 and Heard, 30 were already experiencing ‘teething problems‘ with each other, just three months into the marriage, but for the sake of their marriage and avoiding being a laughing stock decided to give their marriage one more year.

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Part of what may have undone the couple is what a source told the tabloid was the actor’s reticence with his new wife’s fascination for the party scene and the LA scene which the actor in another lifetime had already gone through.

Reports pagesix: Sources close to the former couple told Page Six that grizzled star Depp quickly grew tired of Heard’s enchantment with Hollywood glitz. “Their relationship turned sour almost immediately. She’s really young and affected by the industry and ‘the scene’ at times,” said an insider, adding, “Don’t get me wrong; she’s a cool chick, but Johnny doesn’t tolerate that.”

Also complicating matters was Heard bisexual past, with the actor feeling increasingly threatened by her ‘gal pal’ friends, including Amber Heard’s close friendship with photographer Io Tillet Wright, an activist in the gay and lesbian community, whose presence was causing drama in the couple’s marriage.

Things came to a head when Depp demanded Wright who by then was staying at the couple’s guest move out, after sourced revealed last April that Depp ‘doesn’t like Io’ and believed they ‘were spending too much time together for it to be comfortable.’

In a bid to ‘watch over’ his new wife, Depp began demanding that Heard increasingly spend more time with him, going so far as to fly her in when he started filming for the latest chapter in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, then being shot in Australia.

Told the source: ‘He started making her travel with him,’ adding, ‘and she started distancing herself from her lesbian friends.’

While closer time in Australia was suppose to augment the couple’s relationship, it did anything but when Heard insisted on illegally bringing along her two terriers, Pistol and Boo — a drama that ended with a much-mocked video in which the couple awkwardly apologized. ‘[It] made him look so stupid and it was her fault,’ sniffed another source.

Meanwhile, hard-partying and-working Depp is beginning to show his age. Another insider said, ‘Amber was like, ‘What am I doing with this old man who used to look like Johnny Depp?’’

Comments which have been echoed over and over on social media as zealous fans begin to wonder what led to Johnny Depp letting himself go, and to what degree his ‘partying’ and idiosyncratic mannerisms (he is after all a living legend) may have alienated his much younger wife….

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