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Is Amber Heard lying for money? Cops saw no black eye marks

Amber Heard black eye
Amber Heard black eye
The gloves have finally come off between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard black eye: A LAPD report presents conflicting information about a domestic abuse incident over the weekend as social media now takes sides.

In the latest and dark saga between what has now become bitter divorce proceedings between Johnny Depp and his estranged wife, Amber Heard, the model actress this afternoon left a Los Angeles courtroom after filing a domestic abuse restraining order sporting a very visible black eye.

Soon after Amber Heard was seen sobbing uncontrollably as she got into a waiting vehicle, sobs which have led to many claiming the model/actress crying fake tears with others pointing to the domestic violent victim having to endure months of ongoing pain with sources saying that it wasn’t the first time.

Complicating assertions that Heard was battered in the face after Depp threw an i-Phone in her face are claims according to law enforcements that at the time of the reported assault Amber Heard had no visible markings.

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Amber Heard black eye

In a report via TMZ the outlet tells when police arrived at the couple’s Los Angeles home having not observed any visible marks on Amber Heard’s face.

The above comes despite the actress telling she was repeatedly assaulted during her 15 month marriage to the iconic actor, with the most recent beating landing on Saturday.

At the time, cops arrived at the scene, leaving without filing a report when Heard at the time refused to make a statement.

Authorities are reportedly saying they had no reason to believe Johnny hit Amber with his phone during this particular incident.

Not to mention, Depp sources are suggesting Heard lied about the whole thing, as she was tagged in this photo on Sunday — a day after the alleged attack:

Amber Heard black eye

Two things with this photo: it could technically not be from Sunday, and the area in question on her face is covered. Never mind bruises often take a day or two before they really make their shining appearances known.

In the interim social media remains divided with new handles rising in support of the actor, with many in disbelief that Johnny Depp their idol could have ever physically beaten up Amber Heard. Not that he would be the first in a line of many notable entertainers….

Amber Heard black eye

Amber Heard black eye

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  • johnackerby

    The damage to her face looks real but it also looks very suspicious. If she got hit by a metal cellphone thrown from a man’s hand with full force I do not believe that the damage to her face would look like it does in the pics. An assault like that would have rapidly turned black and blue instead of being all red. And after a certain amount of days the black and blue would have simply disappeared without ever turning red. Also, an assault like she’s describing should have done damage to her eye socket bone. The damage done to her face does not fit the assault as she described the assault. The damage (redness) looks more like someone pushed a cellphone up against her face with a good amount of force a day before the pics were taken.

  • Jamie Brahm

    Absolutely lying. Charges withdrawl, and evidence questioned by the cops – friends also say she said days before the charge that she planned on blackmailing him. Psychopathic manipulator – the law should not enable scammers like this. Regardless, women shouldn’t get money from their ex’s anyway. Nothing they didn’t themselves earn. If she is caught in any kind of open lie here, I hope she gets purgery

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    She’s a lying kunt! Anyone can see it’s makeup… hours later it was gone…