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Yummy, Paris is back in the news again…


paris_hiltonIt had been a few days and we  were wondering whether Paris Hilton was suddenly becoming irrelevant but thankfully she managed to become important again…

We were very relieved to find out that Paris’s star was still burning when we read with intrigue the latest goings of in tinsel town starring our beloved. According to one of our favorite trash bag journals – yep, the NY Post , we were given the lowdown how she said, and then he said, but what he really said and then what she really said and what they really felt and what she finally did (throw lots of fruit and ice at the bitch who she suspected of two timing her beau –whoever he was for those six minutes…) and how she then turned up the next evening with her skirt raised up with some Brazilian soccer star’s wandering hands.

Sound typical? Of course, but either way, we are glad Paris is back in the news, it had been according to our count three days too many that she’d been left out by the mainstream.



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