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Stephanie Seymour: Even if I’m just an ex supermodel, I still deserve to get my own way!


stephanie-seymour“There used to be a time I wouldn’t wake up for less than ten thousand dollars but now that I’m stuck in the guest house this has gone far enough!”

There are certain things super models or rather ex super models should never have to go through- the petty inconveniences of marital strife, divorce, having to sleep in the guest house as opposed to the main house and rude body guards that refuse to do as they are told.

It seems things have becoming a little combustible lately up there in Connecticut lately, the fun place for trust funds and hedge fund managers and their occasional super model spouses.

As piqued as we are that Stephanie has to succumb to the travesties that us normal ingrates go through from time to time we do wonder why super models and super spouses just try to calm down and get on life without having to resort to prima donna states of mind?

Anyway, we’ve decided we’re not getting up for nothing less than hundred dollars- so there!


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