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Megan Fox: Now that I’m a Hollywood Celebrity you still think I have to sleep with you?


megan-fox-casting-couchFame, beauty, sex, youth, sex, and the proverbial casting couch. Some of the things a young starlet has to reckon with from time to time.

Some of us have to reckon with outlandish tuition fees, other’s the ignominy of not having a job to turn up to now that our graduate degree is finished, and others the sleazy leering breath of some customer as you pour him his martini but for some Hollywood class acts- it’s having to deal with loveable douche bags who want a piece of your juicy ass and then some.

Protesting the sleaze factor (I know we couldn’t believe it still existed either) current hot shot Megan Fox wanted to let the world know yesterday she doesn’t take too lightly to propositions.

The question on our minds of course is was there a time where she did take the proposition to literal levels, but then again who cares when you’re a hot celebrity and you can tell the world what works and doesn’t work for you.

Spare a thought for the cashier girl who has to sustain all those unadulterated wet dreams of yours every time you go and buy your Doritos.

Oh to be a hot woman is such an evil curse sometimes…

Megan Fox: No I Will Not Make Out With You!

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