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Leonardo Di’ Caprio- Having the mob steal your sneakers.



What’s in store for a mega celebrity if he doesn’t do what his fans want him to do?

Woe, to be a mega celebrity who’s face/image has accorded them world wide branding, fortune and it now seems an unspoken requirement to perform when the mob requests you to perform.

Of course the idea of stars other than the emperor first came into parlance during the gladiator games, where ‘star’ killers would be accorded notoriety and other ‘Roman’ benedictions.

Of course it was always understood that the ‘gladiator’ was ultimately expendable and at the mercy of the mob. A loud boo in the arena could see all the valor go in a heartbeat.

So in Leo’s case where a bunch of American photographers took off with his sneakers outside of a Japanese temple (where it is correct etiquette to leave them outside) he was made in no uncertain terms aware by the mob his refusal to have his pictures snapped with them (apparently a nearby sign asked that visitors not take photos) ended with his demise.

Thankfully for Leo this isn’t Ancient Rome, but you know how it goes- “mob sees, mob does.”


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