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Demi Moore bonds with her daughter with a pole dancing demonstration.


The interesting things that go on in Hollywood.

Demi Moore recently surprised her daughter with a pole-dancing demonstration, because having a mom as insanely hot as Demi Moore isn’t enough of a lifelong buzzkill. Page Six reports that at a party at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood Ms. Moore the senior gave her daughter a few tips on how to work a pole having mastered this art in preparation for her role in Striptease. Then, she and her husband who is, by the way, only ten years older than Ms. Moore Jr., watched admiringly as Rumer took her turn on the stripper’s pole.

To be honest, I don’t think stripping is necessarily an activity that has to be taken out of the mother-daughter bonding activities list. There are lovely, empowering and ass-toning classes and many other situation where I’m willing to believe a girl and her mom could have a nice time on a pole without anyone being scarred for life. But I’m going to go ahead and say that if my stepdad ever cheered me on while I spun and gyrated at a club I’d head straight for the therapists’ couch.

Furthermore, Rumer Willis is a very pretty girl. But her mother is one of those women that only comes along once in a while, so gorgeous that men and women alike want to have her in bed, whether to fuck or just to fuck around with the remote and giggle. Quite frankly, I feel betrayed. Demi darling has fooled us all with her bold Vanity Fair covers and her sophisticated red carpet outfits that merely allude to her crazy hot-itude. She seemed like a woman that could take the starlets of today and teach them how to wear underwear, exit cars and act like a lady. And now this? What am I to think, Ms. Moore? 

And what of her husband, Mr. Kutcher? I thought he’d made the transition of stoner-celebrity to grownup with integrity and grace, albeit without any significant movie roles…ever. But now all I can think of when I look at him is his hands coming together in applause as his stepdaughter grinds a metal pole. Not a flattering image, my friend. To make matters worse, Page Six claims that Leonardo DiCaprio was also in the appreciating audience, cheering on the mother-daughter duo. For shame, Leo. You are the king of the creep.