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Punk’d- What is it with Pretty Boys that play vicious pranks?


ashton-kutcherHere’s a concept- find photogenic young women and terrorize them in front of millions.

We’ve been watching with intrigue lately a show on TV called Punk’d– created by Hollywood boy toy Ashton ‘i’ve got more twitter friends than CNN’ Kutcher. The premise of the show for those who don’t know is to find an unsuspecting (usually photogenic member of the opposite sex- yes those ratings…) and basically get them to believe that the crazy unbelievable scene unfolding in front of them is real and legitimate.

Of course after watching those pretty things losing it (to varying degrees) when tow away trucks pull away their cars, and then charge them monstrous fees to return them (with dozens of new scratches) or being told that the dog that they gave away to what they thought was the host’s boyfriend is worth 40, 000 dollars, and seeing them lose their mind is delicious but fairly petty.

Our question is how is does Ashton get’s away with stupid stuff like that (well then again we do see so many things happen that never get called…like the two time election of imbeciles) and yet not raises eyebrows?

Is it’s his looks, his HOLLYWOOD wife, his status as a twitter stud, us getting off on the victim’s suffering or just the idea that the general public enjoy being ‘punk’d’ by brats?

We wonder, let’s hope you don’t get punk’d anytime soon…

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  • claire

    I did not enjoy the show… as in the end it was just cruel. famous or not..no one needs those “holy shit, what is going on” moments… maybe it was funnier with celebrity due to their general appeal and people’s set character of them outside of chaos?? though our culture eats up any one being put on the spot and made a mockery of (america’s funniest home vids was huge)….at this point, who gives a twit, ashton?