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If I’m not good looking or fabulous do I still deserve to make it to the Hamptons this summer?


modelheidFun things to do now that the long weekend is nearly here…

With lots of fun waiting to be had by you this weekend, the question remains are you good looking or fabulous enough to really deserve it? With the ascent of the glitterati and the mazerrati we have noticed an increasing bias of the ‘fabulous factor’ over there at the Hamptons.

Less than stellar patrons are made to wait longer before they are seated, or flat out refused at the hot night clubs, invited less and less to the best parties (unless of course they are loaded or a mogul) and made to do a consortium of sit ups before being allowed to take off their shirt at the beach.

Well, this is the Hamptons and this year as long as we are all going to be miserable, less rich we might as well be more fabulous and better looking.

Let’s hope you too make it past the velvet ropes waiting for you at the Hamptons…

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