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If I’m a Williamsburg brat and my mommy and daddy cut me off does that still make me a trust funder?


hipster-drinkingAccording to recent reports the brats you used to hate are now being forced to move back in with mommy and daddy? Who’ll buy the five dollar lattes now

You know the type, oh let’s be honest, you probably are the type, who one would come across on the way to work sitting at some café consuming a five dollar latte and reading a book about Hegel and when you’d return from work, walking along Bedford avenue you’d still see them there 10 hours later. See them there- because they could be there. There because mommy and daddy took care of the bills, (bliss?)

Anyway, according to recent reports, that may all be changing in the current economic climate with the brats now being forced to give up internships at modeling agencies (I know the disgust and resentment…) and having to figure out what existentialism and moral relevance means working eight hour days

What does this mean for the 5 dollar lattes, not too well we think…

Parental Lifelines, Frayed to Breaking

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