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If I’m a rabbi and I get locked up can I expect better than the Ritrz Carlton service while I’m doing time?


leib_glanzWhat life affirming identity should one invest in in order to preserve luxury, grandeur and a general good time next they get carted off to a fun place like jail…?

We don’t know about you but we’ve spent the greater part of our lives growing up feeling sorry for most Orthodox Jews, people who have to endure racial and ethnic slurs for their brand of faith and even having to experience reprehensible acts of genocide (just turn on the TV any day of the week and you can watch it over and over). Anyway we were almost (but not quite) mortified when we read this morning in our second favorite scum bag journal (Gawker of course being our preferred favorite –for now- yeah Nick Denton!) that a group of orthodox Jewish inmates who rather (which begs the question why are they there in the first place?) awaiting trial at the less hospitable ‘Riker’s Island’ are being held at the ‘Tombs’where privileges include delicious gourmet meals brought in from the outside (you mean no baloney sandwiches?) and other ‘trimmings’ courtesy of the local rabbi at the Tombs who’se been able to affect privilege and savory circumstance.

Anyway we’re kind of wondering while they got to eat trout and be given foot rubs and other essentials were the other prisoners also been offered a place at the table, or was that only after the table was cleared and someone had to wipe the mess away?


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