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Who Asked You ?!!



Have you ever been to a party where some idiot sits there telling you how much such a such dress or whatever cost them? Yes, us too…

It is considered social faux pas in society to reveal the value of one’s estate (clues are permissible but actual numbers are gauche), the range cost of one’s new car and recession or not simply folly or sheer stupidity to announce that your shoes or suit cost x and x. Really, let’s get this straight- we don’t care, and if you have to tell us we don’t want to be anywhere near you. We mean it….

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  • Truth

    I think there is an exception to this with personal intimates.

  • Nobody Fantastic

    i chalk this up to people who talk about their coffee intake or people who talk about how fucked up they got the other night. eat a nasty death on my tab.

  • Susan

    I realized the other day how Chinese I am when someone complimented my jacket and I enthusiastically told them how cheap it was, how on sale it was, and how she could have one too because it comes from a completely ordinary store.

  • Vanity 6.

    Utterly tacky! Worthy of pariah status! “:)