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What is it with girls who date hedge fund traders?


_girl-in-a-bikiniman-in-a-suitThere’s an un-abating phenomena of girls who keep dating hedge fund traders. We wonder why just in case you weren’t wondering too…

In a town like New York City, where access to good looks, toys, or the people who can afford the toys (when we say toys we mean luxury lifestyles, holidays, rain or shine) one can never cease to be amazed at the general competition amongst women to get into bed with these general heathen creatures responsible for your current economic woes- that is the hedge fund trader.

Whether by design, a keen awareness that one is obliged to live the good life (shame or no shame) and make it to the Hamptons in style this summer, we’ll be watching which girls will be going ga ga as the hedge fund boys reach over for another $900 bottle of vodka and the attention of some girl one trade away from a short sale…

Of course we also believe in love, but are increasingly wondering if money can in fact buy love…?

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  • Now that’s liberation ladies!!

  • Natalie

    Girls, let’s make it on your own, become smart and successful, and then all boys – Dorks, Writers, Hedge Fund Guys, Restaurateurs, Greek Heirs, Socialistas and Fashionistas, and all the rest of NYC whoredom will be running wild after you, not otherwise. LOL

  • LOL

    “Successful”? … “Power?” How about corruption and scammer Bankers who spend all their money on easy lays AKA Hookers…. Hottie, what’s your rate?

  • Anony

    “Hottie” sounds like a Hedgefund boy- raptor.

    Honey– Remember an education and books are forever— handbags are seasonal and go out of style…. Hedgeund boys will appreciate a bit of Brain (aka– Dorkiness), you ought to purchase some if you want to keep that Man after 36. Thx!

  • Farrah

    fact: —> Better to Be a Dork than A “Loooooser” .

  • It’s true most writers, male or female are dorks, but then again last time I checked even dorks are capable of giving women an orgasm…

  • Hottie

    Women love men with power, and that comes from being successful. Male Writers are DORKS… haven’t you figured that out yet?

  • Truth

    Since when is a banker considered an “intellectual?”

  • Iam

    whats right with it ;)?

  • He couldn’t be referring to me- right guys?

  • nyc

    what about girls who date pseudo-intellectual me-too social magazine writers?

  • Deanna

    What’s wrong witrh it..?

  • I personally have no problem with hedge funds, as I am all for opportunistic behavior that seeks to exploit market inefficiencies and the general contempt of the American population (why shouldn’t hedge funds continue to get rich, god forbid new laws are enacted to make trading and pricing and valuation standards visible and accountable).

    But really at the end of the day one still has to marvel at women’s complicity to go to bed with a certain sector of society, one does wonder if it’s not a case of take the money and run, something hedge funds are brilliant at themselves…

    If only we could love our poets again…(well maybe we would if they could afford bottle service…)

  • nyc

    this is an embarrassingly ignorant, innuendo filled article that embarrasses the writer. hedge funds are in no way responsible for this crisis; it has to do with investment banks’ structured finance and originate-to-distribute businesses combined with stupid americans not understand the risks they were underwriting and then calling themselves victims after getting burned for taking irresponsible leverage and risks. all this exacerbated by bad regulation and oversight from bush and clinton officials. unregulated hedge funds have actually fallen victim to poorly conceived and politically expedient government actions (short sale ban, etc.). the good ones have earned their living fairly through fees they have negotiated through private contracts, bad ones have failed or gone out of business (what more of a meritocracy can you want)? no hedge fund in this crisis has received a nickel of bailout funds. many hedge funds on the short side, contrary to public understanding, have exposed fraud and overvaluation and a number of the bad and irresponsible practices in the mortgage world that spilled over into credit. shame on this magazine and its writer for publishing this ignorant claptrap.