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So what are you really going to end up doing in the Hamptons?


hampton_houseIt’s this time of year we’re the jet set and the glamour set brace themselves for long car hauls, eighteen dollar hamburgers and the idea that glamour and some degree of debauchery can be had at someone’s share, at some appropriate nightclub (Lillypond they tell us…) and whose private beach they can suck their stomach in as they gently prod this season’s first sun tans

Things we think you’ll end up doing up there even if you don’t admit it until you of course end up doing it

1/ Get trashed at home

2/ Get trashed at the beach

3/ Get trashed at the restaurant

4/ Make a fool of yourself at someone’s pool party

5/ Pretend you’re not cruising when you really are

6/ Go for a long quite walk…please who are you kidding

7/ Read an interesting book…please as if you’d rather read James Joyce when you’d rather read sites like ours

8/ Try to find some rich guy, but not in the most obvious way…that would be gauche

9/ Try to find some hot girl, unfortunately in the obvious way

10/ Come home complaining of heavy traffic but swearing you can’t wait to do it all over again

SUMMER is finally here….enjoy!!

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  • girltalk

    2 grammatical errors in this article, YIKES. other than that, great site!