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Why we’re glad we never went to Law school.


lawyerImagine been given the very uhm hmm enviable task of defending uber Ponzi baron Bernie Made-off, what would you do? How about those death threats?

Seems like Ike Sorkin is going to have a very interesting next few months going forward, assuming he is not shot dead along the way. When we say that there are some very miserable people out there who have been jilted out of their life savings we mean very very miserable. So miserable that Mr. Sorkin by being retained by Mr.Madoff has become Bernis’s surrogate punching bag.

Just in case you don’t believe us have a read of the following:

“As one Jew to another, I deeply regret that the Sorkin family did not perish in the Nazi death camps.”

Well so much for proprietary in the court of law, and to Mr. Sorkin can we suggest your own special program ; defendant legal protection special unit.

Madoff Lawyer Absorbs Part of the Rage

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