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If they can do it in Somalia, why can’t we do it here?


menuTimes are tough, so tough that 21 couples in Somalia decided to take their wedding vows and wedding parties together all under the same room. That said we have some ideas of what we could also be doing together now that times are tough.

Time to buckle up kids;

Some great cost cutting ideas are as follows;

1/ Allow for a change in New York City/ Cab livery laws. Instead of a maximum of 4 passengers can we raise it to 14? That way the ride will be certainly much cheaper.

2/ Next time you go and wash your clothes at the cleaners you should conspire with at least three other patrons to wash and dry your clothes all in one washing machine. As for missing underwear, and the potential embarrassment for revealing your personal choices, we’re sure you’ll get over it.

3/ Next time you go out for dinner insist that management offer you a separate choice, one that includes ‘the left overs menu.’ Obviously this portion of the meal should be offered at a much reduced price as most of the food has already been seen to and paid for.

We’re sure you can think of some more…if you dare that is.

Hard times lead 21 couples to share wedding

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