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How do you dissuade people you’d really not deal with from hanging out with you?


loaded-gunIn good old Blighty they’ve really been cracking down on people who are coming from extreme hardships and potential death, persecution and imprisonment. We think they call it tough love?

What do to with the scores of people who are over there in Britain seeking legal injuction to lawfully remain in their new country of hope. Of course only so many resources are disposable and while people wait, you can give them a weird taste of medicine that they’re trying to avoid in their home country by making sure they only get to live on a dollar a day. We know the bankers are getting bailed out, but we don’t make the laws we just comment on them.

Ironical no? To come to another country to escape prison and certain death to only find it your new host country albeit in different moderations. If only life could be fair? What does that even mean anyway?

UK accused over asylum seekers left to live on $1 a day

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  • Aste Spumante

    …Brazil’s cops actually roam the streets at night killing those unwanted and undesirables (homeless street children and the like) on sight…
    Britain, by your article, is suggested as either being or becoming Brazil…
    Is that responsible writing? Should a magazine go off on such far fetched, irresponsible tangents.?

    …I thought you go around town attending fashion shows and art galleries to dissect hickups, glorifications and expressions of pop culture…. Is SCV trying to be a radical, underground, Red Brigade Times Monthly and a sneaky Left Wing advocacy venue? Suggesting a country like Britain is fast sliding into Genocidal Fascist nation with respect to third world, darker skinned refugees is a stretch? But then again, Newsflash: ‘Europe’s rich milk tits to suckle the third world have withered and dried up!’ And for thousands upon thousands of basket case countries’ refugees to use the ‘we will be killed back home card’ is only a testament of third world humanistic bankruptcy, meltdown and colapse as well as overly played, and quite possibly trumped up card. Not each person can help out another but who I ask, who can really be their brother’s in the millions keeper?