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Looking for a new holiday destination? Well we’ve found one for you. Just bring your machine gun and sunscreen lotion….


US strikes at Mexico drug ring

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  • We actually disagree with you. Completely. No one is pick pocketting anyone, We give due credit and reference every where, and it is not my job or desire to be a news gathering service offering intellectual nuance to various acts in the world. It is simply my desire to reflect and wonder on manners and etiquette of society.

    Look at any winning website, every article is appropriated from somewhere, at least we go one step further and reflect on what this all means. Next time you watch David Letterman watch what he does, and you’ll see is not about intellectual fiber and ‘proper’ news gathering services but the contemplation and effective discussion of events, notions that are prevalent in out society.

    As for news gathering services we have 7 sections where we do editorial assignments, interviews, and once again in depth investigation of social mores, aesthetics etc,

    Now, what was it that you found so interesting on Reuters…?

  • From what I see of Savage Predator it is a failure…. You are co-opting a serious intellectual fiber your magazine doesn’t have so you are pick-pocketing the resources of others…? How can anyone be compelled to leave a comment there. Why aren’t you or your writers originaly persue stories in such vain?

    Hey, but thanks for redirecting me to Reuters to alleviate the nausea from dredging the shallow depths of irrelevance and superficiality, one gets from SCV