Not even FOX news knows where Egypt is, why should you?

Actual map (as of Jan 31 2011) of the Mid East.

Look closely at the below map and ask yourself after carefully looking at it- how did Egypt end where Iraq used to be? Or is that just a Freudian slip? A lot of Americans can’t even find their own country on a map. So I’m not surprised Fox News has no idea about Egypt! Source: […]

Frances Fox Piven can now tell you she’s receiving death threats courtesy of Glenn Beck’s fans.


Isn’t it time you took someone out for idealogical reasons too? Just when you think the nation is beginning to look for solace and reason, especially in lieu of the recent shooting in Arizona directed at Gabriella Gifford and her entourage comes the disturbing news that fans of right wing media zealot Glenn Beck have […]

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack wants to let you know she’s open to letting you taking pictures of her having her breast licked.


Sonny Bono’s widow, six-term California congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, wants you to know that sometimes she lets  loose after a hard day on the Hill by allowing people to photograph her ‘close personal friend’ licking her breast. But it’s not just any friend; however. It’s a hard partying, bankrupt billionaire and used to be a major […]

ELECTION DAY IS THE NEW HALLOWEEN: Some Thoughts From One of the Little People in America

The new America?

The left and the right has Americans all lathered up in a tizzy once again. The HOPE of 2008 has turned into RAGE of 2010. Election Day is literally the new Halloween. Seriously, who are we kidding?  Why don’t we just change the date from November 2nd to October 31 that way we can vote […]

Glenn Beck compares Barack Obama’s America to Planet of the Apes.


Glenn Beck, Grand Poobah of mindless rhetoric, wants you to know in his latest tirade that he has the ability to time travel and land, in the middle of the night via worm hole, to a Socialist faux America; sounds like someone might be falling off the recovery wagon. In a recent segment for his […]

Michelle Bachman calls Obama the “Worst President Ever”


Full-time nut-job and occasional Congresswoman Michelle Bachman took time out of her busy schedule of making crazy pronouncements about gays and foreigners to appear on rabid right-wing radio to declare President Obama the the worst American president ever. Here’s an extremely well-thought out gem from the woman who makes Orly Taitz look like Susan B. […]

Barack “the Opportunist” Obama.


I don’t care what you say, President Barack Obama is no different from Bush or any other idiot that somehow made it into the White House. He promotes making change but the only change he’s made is going from a senator that not very many people paid attention to, to the United States head honcho […]

News reporters that smoke crack are only slightly more jittery than non smoking crack journalists.


A Braver type of journalist has arrived in America. From Gawker comes an interesting tale of the brave new world of journalism: Former North Carolina TV newsman Jon Robinson is more interesting than most TV newsmen: “What I really wanted to say [on air] is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched […]

Palin supporters struggling to understand why they support Palin.


Trying to make sense of middle America. It looks like the Huffington Post has hit on a real nerve in middle America as reporters set out to inquire as to why exactly they tolerate long waits up to several hours in the open cold for a chance meeting with Sarah Palin as she pimps her […]

Barack Obama: upsetting Norwegians.


We all know the President is a busy man, but it’s not unreasonable to expect a trip to Oslo to pick up a Nobel Peace Prize to rank high on the agenda. Whilst in Norway, Obama is scheduled to meet the Norwegian prime minister and royal family before receiving his medal and delivering his main […]

Mike Huckabee becomes a moving target in his own worst nightmare.


Getting heckled by the conservative mob. At least Bill O Reilly still loves you, sort of. Looks like former Arkanas Governor Mike Huckabee is stepping in lots of dog poodle this morning and unfortunately for him it’s sticking knee deep. Such are the perils of being a tool for the conservative mob. The sour details […]

Trauma in Uganda. Pastors that don’t like gays and other deviations.


If you are going to lead your life in the public eye, you have to be careful with whom you associate yourself. Rick Warren, the pastor who delivered the invocation at Obama’s inauguration, has come under fire once more for his association with a Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa, who would like homosexuality in Uganda to […]