Inside the tortured mind of torture-device artist Killian Skarr


From the street it looks like any other rundown home in any other industrial town in the Midwest rust-belt. It isn’t really until you gain access to the front room that you begin to realize just how much truth there is to its occupants claim that he is a “madman”. Nearly every available square foot […]

Today’s Fashion: What Have You Done For Me Lately?


Studio 54 was many things, drugs, sex, drugs, and a Mecca for fashionistas.  It was an era where art, music, and fashion took precedence to “the Man.”  There was a time where business, consumers, and the media had little affect on the industry.  Oh, how the times have changed. A panel of media and fashion […]

Art Basel Burns Up Miami.

W hotel swimming Pool

The Emmanuel Perrotin gallery opening was just one of the many amazing events last night. While there was certainly a lot happening in every gallery in Miami’s Design District, this event was well attended and arguably the coolest party to be seen at.   Celebrities mixing with heavy hitting artists, the event was reminiscent of hanging […]

Fortoul Presents a sell out.


If you like crowded house parties, Blue in Green Soho was the place to be this past Friday night.  The men’s clothing and lifestyle store transformed into an art exhibition in celebration of its four year anniversary, showcasing the work of three artists, Isaac Fortoul, Bobby Castenada and Heather Gargon, known collectively as Fortoul Presents. […]

Emilie Clark: Maxwell’s Lair.


Photos courtesy of Morgan Lehman Gallery It wasn’t the menacing blizzard conditions that produced a substantial crowd at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in Chelsea last night.  Though, it probably had something to do with visitors going for second and third glasses of white wine, as no one wanted to return to those relentless winds and […]

CJ Reilly gets a Prosthetic leg thrown at him.

Robot's are not the same as computers (Final)

After seeing C.J. Reilly’s Drawing Stories from South America show during the Bushwick Open Studios and Art Fair (CJ Reilly- From one tip of Bushwick to South America) I became enamored with the sensitivity and humanity of his work. It is not often that one can capture the essence of their subjects without devolving into […]

Liz Parks- Your personal Art Advocate.


Art. What is it? Why collect it? What’s it worth, what does it all mean and who’s a must have and who’s not? These are some of the questions often being mulled in the back of any prospective art collector, dealer and attendee at the many gallery openings which are a stone throw away as […]

Gilles and Louda Larrain- A Feasting of Art.


People in this city talk persistently of art’s coming death. You’ve met them. You might have even thought it yourself, feared that all artists genuinely nourished by the taste of beauty rather than billion dollar champagne have lapsed into shallow commercialism or fled to Europe. Passing the American Eagle Outfitters clans cluttering Broadway and Grand […]

Point Suite Pre Party at The Gates a Sell Out!

Annika Connor

Turning around suddenly to the whimsical young lady in a shock of blonde and wrapped red dress is Annika Connor. She’s standing there greeting her combustible phone, her hundreds of guests and even managing to wiggle to the beat of a Tuesday night house beat at The Gates. That may all be true but what […]

Why is this empty box worth $30 000?


Trying to understand the meaning of value.   Welcome to what Christies calls an artwork that “reflects the ambiguity and irony of society.” Brillo 5 – a bronze replica of an empty cardboard box made by famed artist Gavin Turk is worth a cool $30 000. Turk coincidentally comes from the English ensemble backed by […]

When billions become involved the knives come out…


When befriending French aristocrats comes with a price tag. It’s a tale worthy of intrigue, jealousy, high society and how one goes about grooming that love of high society at either great reward or in this instance great peril to themselves. As the rich will tell you, “…you can come and try to befriend us […]