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History of Pop Culture: Which Universities support the development of pop culture among students?

development of pop culture
How universities support the development of pop culture among artists. Stock image.
development of pop culture
How universities support the development of pop culture among artists. Stock image.

How universities support the development of pop culture among students & future artists. Nurturing creativity within education.

Many universities support the development of pop culture among students. Read this article to find out more details about support for future artists! Pop culture seems transient and momentary. It presents itself as something temporary that exists here and now, not counting on a long life. At first, it may seem that historicity is not a feature that is inherent in this phenomenon. But let’s take a look closer.

General notions and features about pop culture

Pop culture creates the atmosphere of the present moment. It completely refuses to be left behind and outdated. Almost every modern musical phenomenon turns out to be a hybrid of some old genres. In most cases, the new sound is a reanimated old sound. Nowadays, pop culture looks at past pop eras and restores many things. An example: the shape of shoes, the appearance of disc covers, and the construction of songs. Some pop culture icons have a bright life, and their popularity is passed on from generation to generation. Others become one-time celebrities and soon are forgotten.

With their help, pop culture forms a new way of communication used by many people in everyday life. Funny phrases from politicians, characters in commercials, TV shows, or movies become part of a living language. It is worth noting that all famous people in this genre did not perceive their occupation as work. They just did what they liked, regardless of income or glory. In the 70s-90s, there was no such thing as the Internet, so not everyone managed to gain widespread popularity. Now every artist can share the results of their work with the world.

Earlier, the world learned about artists through popular magazines or TV or radio shows, but now there are a lot of platforms for this: YouTube, Tik-Tok, and Instagram. You can show your talents with just one click on the “upload” button. Nowadays, learning about the diversity of cultures in universities is not unusual. Special faculties with unique classes have been established to study cultures’ origin, development, and influence. 

Universities for future artists

German university science is beginning to take a severe interest in pop culture. In Berlin a conference was held dedicated to this new branch of science. Today, from a historical point of view, not only pop phenomena are being explored. At the universities of Germany, they teach and study the so-called Sound Studies, that is, the doctrine of sound or the cultural studies of sound. Teachers of these universities help their students, who find it difficult to express their opinion about history of music in public or the form of an essay. So, it is not surprising that these students become great speakers and composers.

The University of Art in Berlin is one of the most prestigious educational institutions globally. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, students of this university can pursue their studies for the Master’s Program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (MA). That is a three-year, part-time postgraduate program designed for professionals working in the field of sound. The Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program is held in English and spans over three years with alternating residency phases.

The Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn is an elite public research university located in Bonn, Germany. It was founded in its present form as the Rhine University on 18 October 1818 by Frederick William III.

The University of Bonn offers many undergraduate and graduate programs in various subjects. Musicology or sound studies is among them. Students of this university support the life of different musical cultures by performing at various music festivals, plays, and concerts. If you want to succeed and show the world your uniqueness, the doors of the University of Bonn are always open.


If you show your creativity or remarkable artistic abilities from art lessons at school, we recommend you continue to develop in this direction. You have a vast choice among colleges or universities that always welcome active and enthusiastic students. Develop your talent and remember everything in your hands.