Italian Vanity Fair cover boy priest now spotted with mystery woman.

Archbishop Georg Ganswein

Archbishop Georg Ganswein is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Pope Benedict XVI‘s secretary and right hand man Archbishop Georg Ganswein certainly set tongues wagging after he made it on the cover of Italy’s Vanity Fair but he might have set them off once again after the dashing 56 year old clergyman has now been seen in the company of a mystery woman.

Read unabashedly the headline on Italy’s Vanity Fair cover: “Father Georg: It’s not a sin to be beautiful.”

That said one wonders if it may in fact be a sin now that suggestions have been made that the George Clooney look alike hunk (I know I sometimes hate being a tabloid writer too…blah!) is now involved with a mystery woman.

In his defense the clergyman who is apt to maintain divine persuasion and to abstain from the temptation of the loins has offered that he has a ‘natural and serene relationship with women.’ 

Indeed. It is understood that the blue eyed acqualine profiled priest once dated a woman for three years in his youth.

The nydailynews goes on to report that when Ganswein was younger, there were women he would happily see,  before adding that “there were others I was even happier to see.”

Food for thought….

A spokeswoman for Italian Vanity Fair told Reuters that Ganswein didn’t pose for the picture or sit for an interview.

The magazine decided to do a cover story on him after his elevation to archbishop in December.

Still no word on who the purported mystery woman is or if it’s just an attempt to paint the clergyman into a scandalous leading man as most tabloids are apt to do…