Video: So what if Mark Dumas likes to get in the pool with his pet polar bear….?

Mark Dumas and his pet polar bear- Dawn. Image via

Kids, personally I’m a bit of douche when it comes to sharing. Especially when it comes to private backyard pools. Unless you’re my hawt bixch or someone I am just plain excited to see chances are I’ll give you as many body signals as I possibly can until you get the drift and get out of the pool and let me be. But that’s just me. Yes, I savor the solitary luxury of doing idle laps up and down without you getting on my nerves and splashing like a madman. Who on the other hand doesn’t mind is this hawt bixch- Mark Dumas.

According to 60 year old Mr Dumas, he’s completely smitten with Dawn, his pet polar bear whom he’s had since she was only 6 weeks old (can we all please do a collective ahhhhhh??) and rarely blinks his eye to the possibility that this creature from the wild could one day turn and gobble him up. Seriously, Dawn is toooooo cute for that shit.

Isn’t it time you brought home a wild critter too?