Video: Ahoy watch out! 600 lb Marlin pierces the back of the mouth of fisherman.

Mock feature x-ray

How Stephen Schultz survived nearly being speared to death by a Marlin after hooking him in.

The video isn’t for the feint of heart, then again one supposes fishing out in the deep sea isn’t for everyone either. That said one group of fishermen had the scare of their lives as one of the fisherman had the misfortune of having a Marlin which he had caught off the coast of Pinas Bay, Panama lunging at Stephen Schultz as he began to reel what he thought was a surgeon precision catch, impaling him through his cheek and nasal cavity

In the background of the video Stephen’s father can be heard screaming as the Marlin lunges out of the ocean horrofically impaling his son. From there it was back to land and a 100 mile flight to National Hospital in Panama City. What makes the case even more bizarre is that Stephen who incurred the injury in 2008 has managed to make a full recovery without a single scar, as for the Marlin it eventually ended up making for a delicious meal, funny how sometimes nature bites back and then some…