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Cambodian necrophiliac arrested for having sex with corpse in coffin.

Cambodian necrophiliac
How one man came to have a taste for the deadly

Chin Chean, a 47 year old Cambodian necrophiliac has been arrested after attempting to have sex with a corpse in a coffin.

The arrest came after the man had fallen asleep in the coffin after digging up a coffin from the ground. He came to be noticed by local villagers after they saw the man’s foot sticking over the grave.

The man admitted to police he had started digging up the coffin at 10pm, the day after he had attended the funeral of the deceased 17 year old teenager girl.

After having dug down through the earth Chin Chean reached the coffin and managed to open it.

He then admitted to police that he had tried to have sex with the body but because the coffin was too small he was not able to do so.

It was then he admitted, he fell asleep on top of the body.

Yes kids, I am gingerly stirring my chamomile tea as well.

‘Villagers saw Mr Chean’s foot by the grave at about 6am and told the deceased’s family,’ said police chief Keo Vutha of the Prey Poun community 103 miles south east of the capital, Phnom Penh.

Added the police chief: ‘We don’t know at this stage whether he knew the victim when she was alive.’

Vutha acknowledged that Chin Chean was known to take drugs and commit unusual acts, such as running around the local pagoda naked.

‘We are going to send Mr Chean to the district police for questioning before we sent him to court,’ told a police spokesman.

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