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Chris Brown gets a neck tattoo of a brutally beaten woman. Denies it’s of Rihanna. Does it even matter?

Chris Brown tattoo.
Chris Brown tattoo.

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter whether Chris Brown‘s newest tattoo of that of a brutally beaten woman is that of Rihanna or not as some have suggested. The fact that the rapper has even procured to ink his neck with such a vile and offensive image is perhaps its own indictment on the state of mind of the singer.

Then again one is always free to do as they wish with their body especially when you’re a multi millionaire rapper who fully knows every move they make is being micro analyzed…but then again would anyone really make a point if Chris Brown was just another unknown misogynist walking down the street?

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  • Exador

    And stupid n1ggers will continue to buy his sh1tty music.

  • Jessica

    And yet I am sure the Grammy’s will honor him again at their next show, and MTV, by giving him more performance time and awards. Because he’s a victim, you know.

  • HollysHere

    This dude is a real ball of class wrapped up in a piece of shit sandwich.