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Chris Brown still outselling despite HMV ‘women beater’ advisory warning.

Chris Brown warning label at HMV store.
Chris Brown warning label at HMV store.

The Chris Brown spectacle continues unabated…

HMV stores in London have placed an “advisory label’ on Chris Brown‘s latest album warning buyers not to buy the album because “this man beats women.”

Despite efforts and an angry public, the artists fifth album ‘Fortune” was still number one in the USA and UK. In addition to topping the charts Chris is still winning awards, selling out concerts and being always in the public eye. If everyone is so appalled by his behavior than why is he still at the top of the success ladder? And why is that, despite Rihanna‘s overlooking of the events, we are still ready at any moment to storm the castle with picks and torches?

If Chris Brown had been anyone else it is highly unlikely that the animosity would of continued and progressed for this long, however with the media continuing their relentless pursuit of the ‘woman beater’ its impossible for anyone to view him in any other light.

The media is competing with itself in finding the most dramatic story, and it seems like woman basher is the best therefore they continue to run with it, and we the reader are brainwashed into thinking that this man is so horribly evil that he should forever pay.

In society when a person commits a crime they pay their dues and that crime is expunged. Chris is completing 5 years of probation, counseling and community service, If you ask me I’d say the man paid more than just his dues, especially with every mary, dick and jane out to lynch him. Why have we changed the standards in Chris’ case and when is this relentless pursuit of ruining his career going to end ? Not that shit is working anyway…



  1. It’s classic. Females will continue buying his crappy sound just like females who return to a guy who beats them ! No common sense ! ,,,heh,heh

  2. Jay-Z thinks Chris Brown is Disgusting, too. Close to the entire hip-hop community finds him subhuman. The “successful young black man” argument isn’t too convincing considering he bashed a woman with his fists. The Kennedies are disgusting, but this article isn’t discussing the Kennedies, it’s discussing the fact that idiot women like you who have stockholm syndrome are still buying his records, you fucking moron.

  3. Are you capable of any kind of critical thought at all? I never once implied women were weak at all. I implied that CHRIS BROWN IS A CRIMINAL.
    The fact that you’re saying I need to “get a life” for taking 10 minutes out of my day to show disapproval for a violent criminal being praised and idolized just shows that you really have no argument. Thenagain, even if you did, the delivery would be too awful to take seriously as you have the grammar of a third grader.
    If you ever choose to educate yourself in psychology and the effects of having a wife beater be idolized by children on a society, you’ll come to the same exact conclusion as me.

  4. First of all, the fact that you’re implying hitting a woman is acceptable if you only do it once is FUCKING DISGUSTING.
    Secondly, he didn’t hit her once. He hit her over and over and over again, while she yelled at him to stop. Then, he choked her while threatening to murder her.
    Chris Brown is experiencing the same sort of social criticism as any man that beats his partner, and he deserves it.
    I wouldn’t be thriving if I beat my partner, because I’m not a celebrity who uses fame to get away with assault and battery. And people like you who are willing to overlook an incredibly violent crime just because you like his shitty autotuned music are the reason I have no hope left in our society.

  5. He hit a woman. Once. get over yourself. If you’d been publicly crucified for three years for a mistake you’d made, I’d like to see if you’d still be standing, let alone thriving. and you don’t speak for women anywhere you asshole. fuck you.

  6. @Andrew Gora you write as if he slept with your wife? In any case I wish he had, you rili have a talent for writting I see, why not go be useful elsewhere?? Say like with “crap magazine?”, look dude seriously get a life, don’t take a pill for another man’s stomach ache! I don’t know if you are trying to impress some woman some where with your defence of women but I guarantee you that woman will cut off your balls the instant she gets an opportunity for implying they are the weaker sex. In any case dude’s making his cool cash with his music while you’ll have a heart attack soon worrying abt that.

  7. WTF?! Why are the UK weak a**s fans still beefing?? Look guys the poor dude made a mistake and he duely appologised, why not give him another F**ing chance? Common guys go do somthing better with your lives! Besides he and Rhihanna have made up already so why all these cr*p? Are you guys saying some men don’t beat up women in the UK? Get a life people! And one other thing….desist from parading your royal nakedness because we’r sick of it!

  8. I actually think this is one of those articles that just doesn’t talk shit. I respect your views Sofia M. keep ’em coming. TeamBreezy

  9. Oh please. Don’t try to act like Chris Brown is the victim here for beating his girlfriend, choking her, and threatening to murder her.
    The American media is the biggest source of disinformation and propaganda out there, if you take anything you see on the news seriously you’re a moron. I don’t give a shit about Chris Brown’s career (he’s awful and talentless, quite fitting for America).
    You can’t try to play me as a racist, because I’m not. This piece of shit beats women, and should not be allowed in public. If he were any other race that wouldn’t change.

  10. Leave Chris Brown ALONE!!! The media has always had a problem with Black men whom they perceive as getting away with a slap on the wrist when it comes to the law. Look at how you all chased after OJ when he was acquitted!!! And yet, the Kennedy family is filled with rapists, murderers, highly depressed, suicidal liars trapped in dysfunctional, unloving marriages who get slaps on the wrist themselves when they run afoul of the law and yet you are still here still pushing still fawning over them trying to keep the dream of Camelot alive!!! This is why their most beloveds have died! Give me a break! Try as you might to ruin the career of this successful, young Black man….you won’t. As you can already see, because you want to act like you don’t know, his destiny and damnation will be from his hand!!!

  11. You have got to be kidding me. Do you know why it’s impossible to view him in “any other light” than as a woman-beater? BECAUSE HE BEATS WOMEN. He didn’t go to prison for it, he got a slap on the wrist and community service. This scumbag doesn’t deserve any attention, he already got his special treatment.
    Have you actually done any research at all into how the judicial process works? Any at all? Crimes aren’t expunged after the sentence is paid. I don’t know where you made that up, but it’s plain untrue.
    The fact that you wrote an article defending this disgusting excuse for a human being shows that you have no appreciation at all for your own gender. You try to play off an incredibly serious crime as something that’s “forgive and forget.”
    On behalf of women everywhere,
    Fuck you.

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