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Sorry but Ryan Lochte can not sell women’s fashion. Vogue cover worst seller all year.

Ryan Lochte, Serena Williams, and Hope Solo.

Ryan Lochtemay be eye candy, may swim one heck of a time and even have a few fashion tips for those stylishly inclined but that unfortunately has not lent him as the cover star that Vogue magazine may have hoped for when they the June issue with the star swimmer on the cover.

In fact so underwhelming have sales been, that to date, only 202 000 of the journal’s magazines have sold, averaging 33 % below Vogue’s 6 month average.

If it makes Ryan feel any better, Kim Kardashian was the culprit for both Allure and Glamour worst selling covers, with just 117 000 copies sold in March and 373 000 in January, respectively.

The moral of the lesson? No one cares about athletes pretending to be fashion stars, Jennifer Aniston is who is dearest in our hearts and that men in general are still off limits when it comes to women spending money in a shrinking hardcover market.

Never mind Ryan, we still think you’re a heart throb….

Fashion photos of Ryan Lochte. Stylish hawt bixch if we dare say so.

Ryan Lochte would like to explain why his mother doesn’t understanding how he goes about his ‘one night stands.’