Home Pop Culture Rich kids of Instagram. Tumblr for loaded teens.

Rich kids of Instagram. Tumblr for loaded teens.

All pictures via richkidsofinstagram
All pictures via richkidsofinstagram


The rich kids of instagram. If only your summer was as glamorous too

Snotty kids of rich kids of instagram react to criticism dished out at them.

The good life, someone has to live it…

Kids I have to admit my eyeballs are still popping out of their socket. Who could have thought, but then again why be surprised…?

A new tumbler page richkidsofinstagram dedicated solely to the haughty exploits of the well heeled teenagers amongst you. Private jets, gangbanging in the South of France, champagne service, driving around in their flashy cars, yachts and helicopters and schlepping over their summer jobs at McDonalds.

With a simple motto that goes like this: ‘They have more money than you and this is what they do,’ I’m guessing some of us will be spending countless hours reminiscing about the lifestyle we too could have also had. Or to be exact are fortunate to be living. So much for gloating over the things you didn’t work a day to earn.

No word yet on who’s behind this little gem but of course that wont stop you or me from gushing about the wet dream some of you bastards get to live….

Here are some choice pics to jerk off over to, more on tumblr.