Home Scandal and Gossip Johnny Depp to pay Vanessa Paradis $150 million bye bye money.

Johnny Depp to pay Vanessa Paradis $150 million bye bye money.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

No wonder the couple have agreed to amicably split. Vanessa Paradis it has been disclosed is to receive $150 million from her former partner of 14 years (but never legal spouse) Johnny Depp. The money is said to provide for the welfare of Vanessa and the former couple’s two children. It could also be a lump sum paid off to her to buy her silence and tacit approval now that rumors of an alleged affair between Mr Depp’s co star, Amber Heard (whom he met whilst filming ‘Rum Diary’) and Mr Depp have begun to steam roll.

The lump sum payment is understood to be one of the biggest payments ever made between a non married couple. The actor for his part is understood to have vast real estate holdings (he even owns an island in the Caribbean) and in 2010 alone made $75 million from roles and movie royalties, which suggests that the $150 million payout is just the cost of doing business as Johnny Depp now moves into the next installment of his no can do wrong career and one wonders his new love life…

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