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Crack dealers can now expect lighter sentences.

Crack cocaine. Image via AP.
Crack cocaine. Image via AP.

Being a crack dealer might be a career move after all?

For those of you who make your living sell crack cocaine you only too know the perilous nature of your game, of course that hasn’t stopped most of you pursuing a game that has a very high profit to cost ratio and a lot of repeat business. Nevertheless that would all come to an end once you found your sorry ass (the clever ones seem to avoid this though) arrested. But the times are changing…

gawker: One of the most blatant injustices in our nation’s drug laws (which are themselves an injustice) has always been the disparity in sentencing between those who were caught selling crack and those who were caught selling powder cocaine. Crack sentences have always been much, much harsher. (Racism, by scaremongering “tough on crime” politicians? Yes, it’s racism by scaremongering “tough on crime” politicians.) A 2010 law finally brought crack sentences down to earth, very relatively speaking.

It’s true. Coke is coke, whether you snort it, smoke it or inject it and yet it never made sense why those individuals who got caught selling it got administered a decidedly harsher penalty than those who sold the powdered version that anyone with street nouse could cook down to freebase cocaine and smoke in a jiffy.

But the Supreme court suddenly has come to its senses:

chicagotribune: Ruling in two cases from Chicago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that criminals who were arrested but not yet sentenced for crack cocaine offenses should be able to take advantage of newly reduced sentences. 

Corey A. Hill and Edward Dorsey were arrested in 2007 and 2008 in Illinois for selling crack cocaine and were given mandatory 10-year sentences in Illinois.

But they weren’t sentenced until after the Fair Sentencing Act went into effect in August 2010. Under the new law, Hill and Dorsey would face just three or four years in jail. 

America’s drug sentencing laws of course still remain way out of wack (getting caught with some weed could depending on how much and how many times you’ve been caught see you spending a long stretch behind bars) but as of yesterday slightly less out of wack.

beaconnews: The 100:1 disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine was racially biased, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU hailed the ruling Thursday, saying it “upholds the act’s self-proclaimed objective to ‘restore fairness to federal cocaine sentencing.’ ”

Mark Harris, one of Hill’s attorneys, released a statement saying: “the Supreme Court agreed with our argument that Congress intended the Fair Sentencing Act to benefit all defendants who were sentenced following the act, regardless of when they committed their crimes.”

For Hill and Dorsey, the ruling could result in sentences of three or four years in prison — instead of 10 years — when their cases go back to a federal trial judge for reconsideration.

Anyone got a crack dealer’s number on hand?

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