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News reporters that smoke crack are only slightly more jittery than non smoking crack journalists.



A Braver type of journalist has arrived in America.

From Gawker comes an interesting tale of the brave new world of journalism:

Former North Carolina TV newsman Jon Robinson is more interesting than most TV newsmen: “What I really wanted to say [on air] is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched eight hours of pornos.'”

Scandalous as this may be, the truth probably is the other way round too- that who ever was watching Jon Robinson the night before was probably doing their own bundle of dope and crack- so in some perverse kind of way it evens out. Of course since Jon Robinson is a public figure and the upholder of the truth and whatever the networks want him to sell you that weekend he is probably held to a higher standard than most other crack and dope heads. Goes on Gawker to say;

He says one night he smoked crack between the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. He later looked at the tape. Although he could tell he was jumpy on air, no one else seemed to notice.

Our guess is that either no one really cared what Robinson had to say, or by the time he got round to putting his porno tapes back in the cupboard he had calmed down somewhat and was able to regurgitate all the meaningful news that leads him to scream for dope and crack in the first place.

In either way it’s a brave new world for journalism and perhaps it would be a welcome change to have journalists attempt to report about things that they actually like to do in their spare time or the things most of America likes to do in its spare time…

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