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Yo Sambo! It’s time to head over to the new Racist Memorabilia museum.


You’ll either be offended, angry or at the very least beguiled…

The state of Michigan is set to unveil a new museum whose artifacts are dedicated to the preservation of racism. Or to be precise, a revelation of our nation’s history with the often cringe turning theme of racism, something that David Pilgrim, the museum’s curator and founder and himself black would like most people to have to feel.

‘It’s meant to make people think. So be it if they are offended.’

The museum, the Jim Crow Museum of Racist memorabilia has amassed the nation’s largest public collection of artifacts from the segregation era, the reconstruction era until the civil rights movement.

The exhibit which has 9000 pieces dedicated to the negative depiction of African Americans makes no bones of showing some instances glorifies violence against them.

Reflects Mr Pilgrim: ‘The only real value of the museum has ever been to really engage people in a dialogue.’

Which is to suggest if one isn’t open to being emotionally or intellectually affected then they are probably not ready to have a heart to heart understanding of how one subtext of people have been forced to endure a particular reprehensible type of existence at the hands of others. Then again isn’t this what gave rise to so much dissent within our country’s history?

Offers Mr Pilgrim: ‘Most of the objects are anti-black caricatures, everyday objects or they are segregationist memorabilia, because they represent a cruel, inflammatory past, they ‘should either be in a garbage can or a museum.’

via dailymail.co.uk

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    There was nothing racist about Al Jolsen. He was much loved in the Black community, and vice versa. The fact that he was a minstrel performer must be seen in cultural context.