Home Scandal and Gossip Perez Hilton goes from fat slob to preferred hawt bixch.

Perez Hilton goes from fat slob to preferred hawt bixch.

Perez Hilton- before and now?
Perez Hilton- before and now?

Would you hit it?

In a sign that wonderous things can happen in one’s lifetime if one applies enough discipline, stamina and commitment comes the recent unrevealing of what is essentially the new Perez Hiltonwho admittedly cuts a dashing figure with his new pecs, stomach abs and streamlined face…

nydailynewsThe 34-year-old celebrity blogger showed up to the awards show sans shirt, donning a bullet-print blazer, tight pants and a smirk while flaunting his newly fit body.

Perez, who is best known for his frumpy physique and childish commentary on celebrity photos, told the Huffington Post that his six-pack and trim figure is the result of lots of diet and exercise.

“It wasn’t quick,” he told the site. “And I worked for it! I’m STILL working for it! In fact, I’m working much harder on my fitness now than when I first started this journey.”

The blogger to date who has lost 70-80 pounds puts test to the theory that today’s blogger isn’t so much just a side event reporting or commenting on the news or celebrity but perhaps part of it as well, in essence matching, or even surpassing those entities or figures they have chosen to report on to becoming their own stars.

Rumor has it though the hawt bixch may have gone under the knife to achieve his new svelte figure but the publicly outspoken blogger, by now a popular folk name in the annals of media whore celebrity culture insists that he earned his good looks the hard way- via a tough regiment of exercise and controlled calorie intake.

Isn’t it time you also became a famous blogger unless you ahem, are already are one….?

Perez Hilton- you better work girl!!


  1. However it happened, good for him! And it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a lap band put on. Doctors are pushing this surgery like tonsils in the 60’s.

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